Sara Laughlin

Owner of a friendly vizsla named Tucker. Tucker has evolved into a great running partner. He sets a good pace and can keep up with most runnings, easily tackling 6 miles in an hour some days — he's just as happy to take is slower as well!

Tucker isn't neutered, so some male dogs don't like him — he, however, generally likes everyone. He's still got some puppy in him, and he's strong, so be firm with the leash let him know you're in charge of where you will be running and walking. He may take advantage of you if not, as he is best described as a focused runner, distracted walker :) Geese and squirrels are his vice, so remember the words "no" and "leave it" and you'll be good to go!

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Dog Owner
What kind of dog(s) do you have?: Vizsla

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Tucker is literally my spirit animal. From running back and forth in the rain to running from a friend’s house across town! It’s always an adventure.

Tucker is such a sweet (and silly) boy and I always look forward to running with him! He's very easy to run with, and we usually run about 4-4.5 miles at my pace. Tucker is very good at running at whatever pace I set (sprinting/walking/jogging everything really), and doesn't pull/tug on the leash too much. He is such a good boy and deserves all the playtime in the world, so we usually spend 10-15 minutes during/after our run playing with sticks and chasing squirrels.

Amber about listing UWS summer evenings 4 months ago.

Tucker is the smoothest, steadiest running buddy!! And his paw-rents are pretty awesome, too :)