Lower Manhattan evening jogs / flexible weekend

I am a runner and a lover of all dogs. I grew up with two dogs, Jessie and Jake, one an Australian Shepard and the other a Border Collie. I miss the time I used to spend with my dogs outside being active together so I would be thrilled to go on a run or walk with your dog!

I usually run 3 times a week, 5-10 miles per run at ~8min/mi pace. I am very flexible and would be more than willing to adjust my pace or distance for your dog's needs.

As with most people in NYC my work schedule is not very flexible. During the week I am usually available in the evenings after 7pm in downtown Manhattan. On the weekends I have much more flexibility on location and distance.

Dash distance:
Under 3 miles
3-5 miles
Over 5 miles
Day of week:
Time of day:
Before 9 am
9-12 pm
12-3 pm
3-6 pm
6-9 pm
After 9 pm
Package deal: No
Pupper size:
Under 10 lbs
10-25 lbs
25-50 lbs
50-75 lbs
Over 75 lbs
Tracking apps:
Apple Watch
Listing created Apr 7, 2019