UWS summer evenings

Hi there, I'm Amber, a sophomore at Columbia and I love dogs more than anything in the entire world. I would love to swing by and take your dog out for a fun jog after work. Whether it's on a time-by-time basis when you're running late from work, or on a weekly schedule, I'd love to take your dog out and give them some good exercise. Please message me with any questions!

Dash distance:
Under 3 miles
3-5 miles
Over 5 miles
Day of week:
Time of day:
Before 9 am
9-12 pm
12-3 pm
3-6 pm
6-9 pm
After 9 pm
Package deal: No
Pupper size:
Under 10 lbs
10-25 lbs
25-50 lbs
50-75 lbs
Over 75 lbs
Puppy walks: Yes
Tracking apps:
Apple Watch
Listing created Sep 25, 2018